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76600 LE HAVRE

métallisation et le revêtement par projection thermique (Plasma / HVOF) au Havre

Thermal spraying

For several years, LACMIL uses special plasma metallization, HVOF operations and thermal spray coating. Thermal spraying allows us to repair and to extend mechanical parts lifetime of our customers.

Thermal spraying technology consists in coating and filling processes which improve properties and performances of the coated surface (product lifetime, resistance, corrosion and abrasion protection…). We also use thermal spraying process to repair mechanical part in order to return to its original size. 

Our certifications

Committed to a continuous improvement process in HSE fields (Health, Safety, Environment), LACMIL has obtained MASE certification. LACMIL is increasing awareness among employees about possible industrial risks at work.


Eager to ensure our customer satisfaction and to meet their requirements, LACMIL is also ISO 9001 certified.
60, quai Georges Raverat - 76600 LE HAVRE
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